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The secret is out: The quirky and resurging community of Mt. Washington is one hot market.



The secret is out: The quirky and resurging community of Mt. Washington is one hot market.

The affluent Northeast Los Angeles community of Mt. Washington, in spite of its ever-surging popularity, remains Northeast LA's biggest and longest kept secret. Historic Mt. Washington is one of LA's oldest communities, being founded in 1909. Because it is a resurging community, it is vital to hire real estate professionals, like the AP Real Estate Group, who know all the ins and outs of selling and buying real estate in this quirky and beautiful neighborhood.

Mt. Washington is extremely unique in that its streets are lined with every sort of character home imaginable. Small, inexpensive turn of the century bungalows might be found one address away from a rustic cabin on a hillside. Next to the cabin might be a stunning mid-century modern home designed by any number of famous architects who made their name designing homes in this spectacular hillside community. In fact, there are numerous historic and notable 1950s and 1960s modernist homes in the neighborhood and always a handful that are on the market.

As experts on the purchase, sales and preservation of historically significant homes, The AP Real Estate Group is the sort of real estate experts you want on your side.

Mt. Washington has a population of about 22,000 living in and about 7,000 households. One-quarter of Mt. Washington homes are 1,000 sq. ft. or less, while another full quarter of homes are between 1000 and 1400 sq. ft. 12% of Mt. Washington homes are 2400 or more square feet. The median home value in Mt. Washington is $830,000. As of Summer 2014, homes values have gone up 18.5% and real estate experts predict that they will rise another 10% in the coming year. This indicates that now is a particularly good time to buy or sell homes in Mt. Washington.

Mt. Washington is a rugged, hilly area with steep, narrow streets and few sidewalks. Because so large of a portion of homes were built so early in the century, a large amount of those homes lack garages, though there is always plenty of street parking. In these ways, Mt. Washington has earned its reputation as being "quirky" and is the reason why so many artists and bohemian types have migrated to a community that feels like Topanga Canyon but is only ten minutes from downtown Los Angeles.

Mt. Washington is home to Mt. Washington School, one of the top middle schools in California, helping to make the neighborhood extremely sought after for young families with children. The community feature open space is typified with rugged hillsides, wildlife and dozens of miles of parks and hiking trails.

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