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Meet Amy Pace

REALTOR® | DRE 01939929 | CØMPASS | C.A.R. ADU Certification | Certified Short Sale Specialist

Amy has been a recipient of top real estate awards since becoming a realtor. In year one, Amy earned BHHS Pasadena’s first ever “Rookie of the Year” award. In each year following, Amy’s awards gained in prestige and, most recently, Amy was recognized along with her team with the Chairman’s award for being among the top 1% in her field.

My “why” became solidified when my daughter, Avery, was born years seven ago. She inspires me to be my best self: to role model the endless possibilities this life can afford; to show her that hard work yields positive results; and to overcome obstacles with persistence and grace.  Avery has also given me the ability to personally relate to the families I represent. I understand what it means to want the best for my family and because of that I will serve you to pursue the best for yours.

My most rewarding experience to date has been earning the opportunity to represent a family home that was a century old inheritance. For four years I learned so much about the family history as I served as a consultant for the many questions that surfaced in every option considered. Ultimately, they decided to list. In looking at the home that was hardly lived in for decades, one might be intimidated by its need for major renovation. But, for me, in getting to know the family I began to imagine the large gatherings in the living and dining rooms. The walls and spaces became the backdrop for the stories I had heard of the generations in the family and I envisioned what it could be to a new family. I was incredibly humbled to have been entrusted with the family’s fondest memories and the sale was rewarding, newsworthy (we were on the evening news and featured in Curbed LA), and highly profitable for the family. 

What is it about real estate? I feel as though I found my calling. While in search of my career, I spent time in home improvement in a variety of roles. So, I have a unique appreciation for so many aspects of architecture, design and the possibilities and expenses associated with improvement. Ultimately, I am proud of my career and my role in the lives of those I serve.

Love to do? I love spending time reading with my daughter, Avery. Through silly little stories I get a glimpse at her view of the world, her curiosity and precious imagination.

My Personal mantra: Each and everyday someone, somewhere in my city needs my services.

Meet Loren Anderson

REALTOR® | DRE 02006080 | CØMPASS | Team Lead | Certified Pricing Specialist

Loren is not just a real estate agent; he's a dedicated advocate for the vibrant communities of Los Angeles and its surrounding neighborhoods. A proud resident of Pasadena since 2010, Loren has seamlessly integrated his passion for real estate with his love for the area's cultural and architectural diversity.

What sets Loren apart is his genuine joy in helping clients navigate arguably their largest purchase or sale – their home. His commitment to ensuring a smooth and successful real estate experience is unwavering. Loren finds immense fulfillment in leveraging his expertise to guide clients through the intricate real estate landscape, making their dreams a reality.

With more than 30 years of experience working with clients, Loren has earned a reputation as a top negotiator, consistently delivering exceptional results for his clients. His local expertise and profound market knowledge empower him to navigate the ever-evolving real estate market with finesse, securing optimal outcomes for all involved.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Loren cherishes moments with his family. As the "middle" child, he brings a grounded perspective to his work, valuing the importance of strong family connections. When not passionately serving his clients, Loren can often be found cycling, hiking, perfecting his golf swing, or engaging in general fitness activities. In every aspect of his life, Loren embodies professionalism, warmth, and dedication. His unwavering commitment to the real estate needs of the community reflects his genuine desire to make a positive impact on the lives of those around him.

My “why” is pretty simple. I enjoy helping people. It’s just a part of my nature. I love the look on our clients’ faces when I give them the keys to their new home. 

Personal mantra: The Golden Rule | Treat others the way I would want to be treated.

What brought you into real estate? After more than 25 years in the automotive space, I wanted take on a new challenge. I feel that all I have learned working with clients to make the "right" automotive decisions and honing my ability to negotiate for a win/win outcome for all parties involved could be extremely beneficial to those trying to buy or sell their home. Challenge accepted!

Who has served as your mentor in your career? I have found that the best mentors are those leaders in your profession and others that embody your beliefs and values. I think that by taking the best from each of them allows me to maximize my potential and always continue to learn.

What would the title of a memoir about your life be? A neverending quest to help others to reach their potential and in the process, reach my own.

When I go back to Ohio my hometown friends claim LA has elevated my sense of style, as if there was room to grow :)

I attribute my success to a genuine desire to help others.

Meet Vicki Iskandar

REALTOR® | DRE 02109794 | CØMPASS | Team Member

Vicki Iskandar has worked with real estate agents, developers, and homebuyers as a Feng Shui consultant since 2017. She enjoyed the interactions and the relationships built so much she decided to get a real estate license.

Prior to founding Functional Feng Shui, Vicki was a highly regarded expert in the digital marketing space who spearheaded key social media initiatives at one of America’s leading luxury publications. Her clients included ad agencies and various lifestyle brands.

A graduate of the Entrepreneurship Program at USC and the MBA program at NYU Stern School of Business, Vicki combines her education and digital marketing skills with her unique expertise to offer her clients a dedicated, informed approach to real estate transactions.

As a member of the Anderson | Pace Real Estate Group, Vicki is committed to helping her clients realize their goals every step of the way.

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